The Fermi Advocates Activity

In the LAT collaboration there are two activities that concern the real time obervation of the sky for catch important events:

  • The Flare Advocate/Gamma-ray Sky Watcher (FA-GSW);
  • The Burst Advocate (BA);

Flare Advocate/Gamma-ray Sky Watcher

Coordinators: D. Gasparrini (SSDC) and S. Ciprini (University of Perugia)
  • The Flare Advocate/Gamma-ray Sky Watcher (FA-GSW) activity is part of the Fermi LAT Science Operations aiming to supply a first and prompt human outlook service to the quick-look Automatic Science Processing (ASP) products and in general to the Fermi gamma-ray sky, day by day.

  • The FA-GSW provides a first-look service for the LAT collaboration, pointing out something potentially interesting for the different science groups of the LAT collaboration.

  • The FA-GSW communicate basic and relevant news on the LAT sky to the external astrophysical community (ATels, Fermi weekly blog), in order to increase the rate of multifrequency observations following-up LAT observations, and to maximize the results in terms of a multiwaveband analysis and inter-experiment collaborations.

  • Flare Advocates activity are presently supported mainly by the AGN group, with a contribute especially in non-shift checks by the Galactic Sources group, (and some people also from the Solar system science group).

  • Burst Advocate

    Coordinators: Frederic Piron (LPTA), Chip Meegan (NASA)
    The key elements of the Burst Advocate role are:
  • The Burst Advocate (BA) activity supplies immediate response to a new burst, establishing regular, direct communication with the GRB group, informing of any issues relating to the scientific importance (or lack thereof) of the new burst, the activities of the follow-up, and the general scientific community.

  • BAs are expected to file GCN notices, IAU Circulars, Astronomer’s Telegrams, or other rapid scientific communication, as needed, on behalf of the Fermi team.

  • BAs are expected to examine the newly arriving data from the recent burst, and assess the data for science content and quality.

  • BAs continue to serve as the Swift science point of contact for the burst to which they are assigned.

  • BAs review the data collected from their burst and verify that all data collected from that burst are processed and properly accessible, and that all data have been analyzed. They will file a summary report on their burst data.

  • BAs continue to respond to community questions concerning their bursts.






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